Gifts for the 17th wedding anniversary

A wedding anniversary is always a special occasion for the couple and the guests that attend the event. To help commemorate this memorable event, here are some wedding anniversary tips that you can try to help you create the most memorable day of your life.

An awesome idea is to include the bride with her bridesmaids. This will make the bridal party in one big happy family. Nowadays, it is common for the groomsmen to stay behind as well to share their memories with the bride’s party. The best thing about this idea is that the groomsmen will not leave the bride or the groom’s side. Their presence will only add to the excitement of the wedding.

You could also suggest to include the baby shower with the parents’ wedding. It is common for the parents to invite the guests and make them come together and hold the shower. You can ask for the presence of the parents in the wedding celebration. You can invite them and their guests. However, this can be tricky especially if the parents are also going to be there as well.

An attractive idea is to ask the guests to dress up as their favorite Disney character. The choice of Disney characters are yours, the groom can choose whatever he wants to make the entire party very exciting. You can take your pick of the Disney princesses and even your favorite cartoon characters.

This wedding anniversary ideas is a popular one among brides who want to make the event extra special for their soon to be married. They are just thrilled to see that their guests are so thrilled and actually have the right timing to know about the wedding anniversary. Even those who are planning to go in for a traditional style wedding might just love the idea of having a unique wedding anniversary event.

You can also decorate the wedding hall in Halloween theme or any other Halloween themed decoration. There are many ideas that can be tried to make the wedding celebration memorable. It is actually easier to customize the wedding event depending on your budget. However, you can always ask your friends for assistance.

By following these wedding anniversary ideas, you can surely find a unique way to celebrate the most memorable event of your life. These ideas are simply fun filled ways to keep the wedding celebration exciting. Go ahead and see how you can make your wedding anniversary memorable.

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